Advanced Environmental





Advanced Environmental is the south bay's oldest and most experienced mold remediation company with over 25 years of experience. Before that, owner and CEO Ray Castro, spent over 15 years in the real estate industry. Ray's real estate background grants advanced environmental essential knowledge and a unique perspective when dealing with escrow transactions and liability issues. This educated approach to money driven, volatile situations help to resolve the issue quickly and in most cases with no lawsuits. Our knowledge, honesty, and commitment to providing exquisite service is why we are the preferred vendor of the South Bay’s top realtors.


Don't panic! Mold is naturally occurring. Many companies will try to employ scare tactics to push you into paying for work which is completely unnecessary! The truth is that mold is always in the world all around us.


The first step to starting your remediation is to have the problem area inspected by a certified indoor environmental professional (mold/home inspector) and have them provide you with a report outlining the necessary steps for proper remediation. Advanced Environmental will then perform a physical walk though of the property to provide you with a confirmed price for remediation. Our work typically takes from 2-5 days depending on the size of the area of contamination.


Now that our work is done and your property is mold free, a clearance test should be performed by the same inspector as before. If we do not pass clearance, we will go back for free until we do. Each additional test will cost extra and advanced environmental will not pay for any testing as this presents a conflict of interest. You may choose not to have clearance testing performed. This is not recommended as it provides you with documentation proving you correctly fixed the problem. This is a useful tool. Should a disclosure or liability issue occur while trying to sell your property.