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Build Back

Build Back Process

Build back simply means restoring your building or property back to its original state. Although Advanced Environmental has its own contractor’s license, in most cases we will refer the build back portion of the project elsewhere. This may sound strange, but there are several reasons for this. We are mold specialists and are solely looking to remediate your mold problem. Other companies who try to push their own build back have the ability to force unnecessary work to be done. For instance, you may hire a company to perform a small remediation job under your kitchen sink that's estimated to take two days. They start the job and before you know it, you're remodeling your entire kitchen. Having a third party perform your inspections provides some protection from this because their report will typically tell you exactly what needs to be done. However, because the inspector will not be with you through the entire remediation process when they return to perform the clearance test, any unnecessary work will have already been completed. There is an alarming lack of standards in this industry and although it is not illegal for a company to remediate the mold and then perform the build back, we find it to be a conflict of interest. There are even some companies offering to perform the initial inspection, remediate how they see fit, and then clear their own work by final inspection. BEWARE OF THIS! This is an obvious conflict of interest as you are allowing them to create the parameters of the job, complete the work, and then assess if their own work was completed correctly. This gives room for deceit in all three steps of this process. Another reason we choose to outsource the build-back is that it is generally much cheaper for you. As a licensed environmental company, our operating costs are much higher than a General Contractor’s. So, if there is an opportunity for you to save money on something that is well within the skill set of a General Contractor, such as replacing drywall, we want you to take it! Selecting Advanced Environmental to remediate your mold means selecting peace of mind!